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Do you love Gummy Bears?

Are your kids hooked on Gummy Bears? has the World’s Largest Gummy Bear!!

Weighing in at 5 lbs. Yep, that’s 5 lbs. of Gummy Bear!

Worlds Largest Gummy Bear

Cherry Red!

10 inches tall!

Equivalent to approximately 1,400 regular-sized gummy bears!

Larger than a football!

This gummy bear is a beast!

Made in the USA!

He is adorable! And huge! And cherry flavored (my favorite!). I knew he weighed 5 lbs and was 10 inches tall but that didn’t prepare me for seeing him up close and personal. My husband wanted to open and eat Mr. Gummy right NOW! Ok, I admit I did too.

There are so many ways you can gift Mr. Gummy. Here are just a few ideas:

Birthday present

Christmas present

Easter Basket



Grand prize in any type of contest

Can you imaging having a party with Mr. Gummy? He contains approximately 51 servings. Wouldn’t the kids have fun with that? He would be the hit of the party.

Worlds Larget Bunny

Fireside Gourmet Gift Basket

Fireside Gourmet Gift Basket has some unique Gummy Products that you will want to check out. Bunnies, Worms, Frogs, Snails, Tongues, Frogs, Brains, and Hearts. Amazing!

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5 Unique Ways to Eat, Serve, and Interact with the World’s Largest Gummy Products

  1. Chew, Chew, Chew
  2. Cool them in the refrigerator, then cut fine slices with a knife (kids, get your parents to help). Arrange on a platter just like turkey or cranberry slices at Thanksgiving.
  3. Serve as hors d’oeuvres at a party. (Cut into cubes for conversation pieces or let adult guests carve their own interesting shapes. Provide toothpicks.)
  4. Warm a big gummy in the sun and have a stretch tug-of-war with a friend.
  5. Hold a contest at your next party to see who can eat an entire World’s Largest Gummy Snail really fast. Winner takes home a World’s Largest Gummy Bunny.

My honest opinion: I highly recommend The World’s Largest Gummy Bear (cherry flavor) is delicious!

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  1. Stephanie Guenther says:

    Chocolate filled peppermint candy canes.

  2. I want to try the Hershey kiss fall pumpkin. Yum.

  3. joanne gentry says:

    I am such a licorice and jelly bean freak, so I would have to say the Super Rope! I love anything licorice or jelly like, so when I saw this giveaway I was so excited!! Thank you for the chance!!!!

  4. Astro Pop

  5. april yedinak says:

    Haribo mini rainbow frogs

  6. rebeka deleon says:

    Handy Manny PEZ Gift Set: 1 Count

  7. Tami Vollenweider says:

    I love Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate/with Caramel Candy

  8. Chewy Runts

  9. Valerie Cowger says:

    anything chocolate or peppermint… I want the peppermint crush :)

  10. Well, aside from the giant gummy bear (Gummy Bears are my favorite) I’d also love to have the Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Break a Part Candy.

  11. Chocolate filled peppermint candy canes.

  12. Ali Schroeder says:

    That huge kiss sounds so good!

  13. Patricia Lacy says:

    Fruit punch farts! Lol!

  14. vickie marks allbright says:

    PEZ Assorted Christmas Blister

  15. Marcia Belknap says:

    Chocolate Peppermint Candy Canes

  16. Julie Adams says:

    Milk Chocolate Square w/ Caramel Filling


    Peppermint stuff. The basket looks cool!!

  18. The Christmas Marshmallow Penguins are adorable!

  19. Brittney Greene says:

    Anything sour! Maybe Brite Crawlers. Though, I do love the Giant Gummy Bears!

  20. Peanut chews.

  21. Cinnamon Imperials

  22. Christina Sunday says:

    The 2lbs of Hershey’s Kisses . All of it looks so yummy !

  23. Angela Greaud says:

    M&M’s …my husband is an addict!

  24. Beverly Youngblood says:

    Christmas Spice Drops 5 LB

  25. I love candy sticks, so that’s what I’d love to have!

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