Ghirardelli Mission Giveaway Mystery Word


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  1. thanks for the giveaway

  2. life is decadent!

  3. Tracy Hampton says:

    chocolate is decadent

  4. Chocolate is decadent!! :)

  5. Sandra Sue Blanton says:

    I would pay it forward to my momma.. :)

  6. decadent is the word; chocolate isn’t decadent for me – it’s a necessity for sanity!

  7. decadent is a great word! thanks for the giveaway

  8. Dena Fields says:

    Chocolate is decadent!

  9. Debbie Hartfield says:

    decadent is the word and the taste!

  10. Sandra Watson says:


  11. Thank you for the great giveaways! it would be a pleasure to enjoy this decadent chocolate at this stressful time of year.

  12. This offer is full of decadent goodness!

  13. It is decadent!!!

  14. Samantha Hartzell says:

    Chocolate is decadent!

  15. Valerie Godin says:

    The word is decadent. Thanks for the giveaway

  16. shelynn russell says:

    Chocolate is decadent!!

  17. The Word Is Decadent

  18. decadent… I love chocolate!

  19. Julissa Taveras says:

    i would give one to my mom

  20. necta nelson says:

    love the giveaway thanks for everything

  21. Rosemary Dawson says:

    I will probably pay it forward to my daughter, she really could use a break.

  22. Ghirardelli chocolate is decadent!!! Thanks!!!

  23. YUMMY and decadent

  24. Calshondra Williams says:

    Chocolate is “decadent”

  25. decadent

  26. Chocolate is very decadent!

  27. Decadent!!

  28. crystal vanginkel says:

    Chocolate is “decadent”

  29. decadent

  30. One day I will return to chocolate.

  31. tracy ruetterman says:

    decadent…I love helping others out and paying things forward!

  32. decadent the best things in life

  33. jenniferhenry says:


  34. chocolate is decadent and I will pay it forward ♥

  35. Chocolate is decadent!

  36. decadent

  37. Christina Foster says:

    Chocolate was never so sweet!

  38. Stephanie Manley says:


  39. decadent! Chocolate is decadent and just takes you away.

  40. Amy Settlemyer says:


  41. decadent

  42. Decadent makes me drool :) Yummmm

  43. theresa nemeth says:

    decadent!Such a lovely term.

  44. decadent

  45. Jennifer Allen says:


  46. decadent! thank you!

  47. decadent

  48. Laura Eisermann says:


  49. bonnie english says:

    decadent,like this giveaway is so decadent for someone

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