7 Smartphone Apps That Can Earn You Money

Cell phones are expensive, especially if you have a smartphone with a data package. We pay close to $200 a month for the Android smartphones at our house. I wish it didn’t cost so much but I love my Android and really want to keep it. I have found a few apps that you can earn rewards with. I try to get the most I can from them to offset the cost of my data package. Here is a little bit about each one.



Checkpoints has lots of ways to earn points that you can turn into gift cards. You can check in to businesses near you, scan products at the store and try out apps on your phone for points. You can also get points from referrals. If you sign up, use katrinam as the bonus code and you should get 100 points to start out with.



Endorse is a great program where you can earn 10%, 20%, or 30% cash back for buying certain items. The list of items changes each week so it’s not just the same items all the time. There is also usually a deal where you can upgrade to 50% back when you share on Facebook. The list is not always brand specific either.

If you remember Endorse from last year, it was on Facebook and there was a $25 minimum to cash out. It is back again as a smartphone app. Now you have to take pictures of your receipts to submit them instead of mailing them. They have also added Paypal as a cash out option and removed the $25 minimum. I have cashed out for $2.25 before.

The new week for Endorse starts on Thursdays and you have to take a picture of your receipt during the same week as the cash back deal for the item(s) you buy.

I have seen great deals like 50% back on diapers, 100% back on coffee, 10% back on fast food and 10% back on gas! Everyone has different offers each week. You will probably get many of the same offers, just not in the same week. The deals will also come back, too. I have redeemed the diaper deal twice.



Ibotta is another cash back app very similar to Endorse. You do some short activities for a product and then purchase it and scan your receipt to earn. Ibotta was just recently released for Android. They have more products to earn from at a time and they stay longer. You will get new product offers each time you redeem one.

With Ibotta, you have to buy the correct brand to redeem your offer and it only works with certain stores (there are many like Walmart, Target, Dollar General, commissaries, and many more).

Jingit Logo


You don’t need a smartphone for Jingit, but there are more earning opportunities with the Jingit smartphone app. You will get the most from Jingit if you use it on your smartphone AND your computer. I tend to find more videos to watch online but check-ins are only available in the app. You can read my Jingit 101 for more information about Jingit.

Jingit is still in beta and so there aren’t always earning opportunities available but when there are, it’s a great way to make a little extra money (up to $15 per week).



mPoints is a rewards program that some Android and iPhone apps use. I use it with The Weather Channel Android app that you can find in the Google Play store. Inside The Weather Channel, you can earn points for opening the app every day, viewing the 36 hour forecast or watching videos. You can also unlock sponsor bonuses for get more points after you complete a task for the app you are using.

I just discovered mPoints a few days ago. Here is a short list of other apps that use mPoints. I plan to check out Nexercise next. Make sure you log into the same mPoints account when you earn your points so they will carry over between apps.



Shopkick is another app very similar to Checkpoints. You earn kicks for visiting certain stores. You can also get kicks for scanning items in certain stores. Look through the Lookbooks to get extra chances to earn. Sometimes you get kicks just for looking through the book. Other times you may have to look through a few books to get kicks. Just make sure you don’t pass the last page of the lookbook with the surprise envelope on it.

You can also find Target coupons in Shopkick.

Just go HERE to sign up and you should get 50 kicks.



Viggle is an awesome way to earn gift cards just for watching TV and checking into shows. Viggle listens to your TV to determine what show you are watching. You get 1 point per minute plus bonus points for watching certain shows and more points for playing Viggle Live.

If you have DIRECTV, you have chances to earn more points, but you can earn a lot of points without DIRECTV. I don’t have DIRECTV and I think Viggle is the app that I can earn the most from when I am diligent about using it.

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  1. what is the app that you get paid just for the food you buy? not just certain things?

    • Hi Tiff,

      Endorse is the closest app I know of. You get a percentage back for buying the things in your offers but you can also earn points to donate to any place on donorschoose.org if the items you buy are not listed in your offers for the week. The offers are not all restricted by brand. I will look around and see if there is an app where you get paid for the food you buy.

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